Ten Best Historic Movies

I don’t watch movies about WWII or Vietnam. So, if you’re expecting Schindler’s List or Apocalypse Now, you won’t find it. Share your favorites!

#10 The Ten Commandments
A classic that airs every Easter.
It’s been remade several times, but nothing compares to this epic. 10commands










#9 The King’s Speech
Despite centering on King George VI and his speech therapist, I saw it as 2 friends helping one another succeed.










#8 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Must I say more? If I must, then you’re too young to remember these former heartthrobs.

#7 Gangs of New York
Set in 1863, this great period piece takes place in New York’s Five Points district. Gangs

#6 North and South (Miniseries)
Set before, during and after the American Civil War, this is a classic tale of friendship and love that traverses a forbidden division. NorthSouth









#5 Tombstone
Centered around western legends Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) and “Doc” Holliday (Val Kilmer) and Virgil Earp (Sam Elliot).   tombstone









#4 The Miracle Worker
I’ve loved this film since I was a little girl. Annie Sullivan’s quest to teach Helen Keller to communicate is heartrending. miracle worker









#3 Braveheart
Who cares about the historical inaccuracies? I don’t. I read a biography on Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. Freedom!!!!! braveheart









#2 The Patriot
The story points out that not everyone in Colonial America wished to voluntarily participate in the Revolutionary War.










#1 Gone with the Wind
An epic tale of a civilization gone with the wind…….  GWTW










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