Six Best Book Boyfriends

I have never been the type of girl who was easily swept off my feet by a book boyfriend. Most of them are predictable and mundane. My best book boyfriend list, of course, is my opinion (and shows my age).

You may have a very different list. If so, please share it!

 #6 The Notebook – Noah Calhoun
Nice looking, patient, faithful, torrid


#5 Star Wars – Han Solo
Handsome, exciting, bad boy, first mate is Chewbacca


#4 The Vampire Diaries (novel series) – Stefan Salvatore
Hot, chivalrous, vampire, loving, hot brother


#3 Love Story – Oliver Barrett
Hot, athletic, passionate, wealthy, smart


#2 Twilight (novel series) – Edward Cullen
Hot, sparkly, chivalrous, vampire, loving


#1 Gone with the Wind – Rhett Butler
Dashing, debonair, handsome, wealthy, chivalrous


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