Six Movies about Angels & Demons

#6 Michael The Archangel Michael is sent to Earth to do various tasks and take a vacation. This movie is tolerable it stars John Travolta. 41RuAiYH3RL

#5 Stigmata An atheist is afflicted with the stigmata after acquiring a rosary owned by a dead priest who also suffered the stigmata. stigmata-5494b20adfae8

#4 Angels & Demons Symbologist Robert Langdon discovers the revival of an ancient brotherhood, the Illuminati and tries to foil their plot against the Catholic Church

#3 Meet Joe Black Death asks a man to teach him about life on Earth, and falls in love with the man’s daughter. Brad Pitt held my interest. Meet_Joe_Black-_1998

#2 Constantine Demon hunter John Constantine has a ticket to Hell when he dies unless he can earn absolution to ascend to Heaven. Yay KR! 3q28_8267

#1 Devil’s Advocate Satan takes the form of a NY lawyer. Twists and turns. I wondered if I was following the plot. The end stunned me. 9d0e27ec1c7da6058233d414b331e1fc--buy-movies--movies

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