Bunker Hill Monument: The Massachusetts Gate


If you ask someone to name one person who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the answer will probably be a blank stare. If you ask someone to name two Americans who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, you will probably get the same blank stare as an answer.

The answer to both questions is clearly etched in the granite of the Massachusetts Gate at the Charlestown entrance to the Bunker Hill Monument. Sadly, most people don’t recognize either name and, therefore, dismiss both. I did the same.

Then, I began research on the political climate in and around Boston in early 1775 for a novel I’m writing. I discovered a man who was the situational leader of the Sons of Liberty at the time Bunker Hill happened in June 1775 – Dr. Joseph Warren. He stepped into my novel as a major character.

I also researched and wrote in detail about the Battle of Bunker Hill (arguably Breed’s Hill) and the man who led that brave American fight, Colonel William Prescott. If Prescott has any fame, it would be for the order he issued to his men as the British regulars marched toward their redoubt. With their gunpowder supply dwindling, Prescott ordered, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

When Dr. Joseph Warren arrived at the battle, Colonel Prescott offered to relinquish command to Warren, who possessed an uncommissioned major generalship. Warren demurred stating that he had come as a volunteer to help where he could. Warren was shot at close range in the face, as the American’s retreated from their redoubt. He died instantly and became the first martyr of the American Revolution.

When I pursued my personal pictures from a trip to Boston in 2013, I was surprised to find that I had taken pictures of the Massachusetts Gate. What was more surprising was the only two names on the gate – Colonel William Prescott and Dr. Joseph Warren.

BTW, Paul Revere did not participate in the battle as portrayed in the mini-series The Sons of Liberty (although I loved the series). The character they were depicting was actually Colonel William Prescott, and he did not have a horse.


The Anne Rice Wall – A Writer and her Characters’ Inspirations


I read somewhere that author Anne Rice wrote on the walls when she was writing a novel. I have no idea if that’s true and if it is true, I wondered why and what she wrote on the walls.

20170211_131131In the past year, I dug up an old novel I finished writing in 2007. The writing was horrible and somewhat silly, so I decided to do a rewrite. The first thing I did in the room where I write was begin my own Anne Rice wall. I started with things that inspired me and kept me focused like Use Metaphors and Stay Creative Bold Open. 

Then I realized, I wasn’t in the room where I write, but in the place my characters introduce themselves and talk to me. As I got to know each character, the things I wrote on the wall became words that inspired them.

When I finished the rewrite, I cleaned up the wall and left only my inspirations. Then, I began work on my latest novel, and the wall became crowded with a whole new set of characters’ inspirations.

Yes, that is Robert Plant in the background. He’s my personal inspiration!

So, what inspires you and your characters? I would love to know! Happy Writing!

Get your own Robert Plant inspiration!

Angels & Patriots: A Novella

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On the eve of the Revolutionary War, American patriots are leaving their homes and families behind to stand firm against the British. What these early Americans do not realize, is that while they prepare themselves for their battles, a war is simultaneously playing out among the soldiers—one that poses a far greater threat to their lives and souls.

 Demons that God created to kill a brotherhood of fallen angels are fanning the embers of the Revolutionary War to draw the angels out of hiding. They walk and fight alongside patriots and British soldiers alike. 

 Archangel, Colm Bohannon, leads his angel brothers to Boston to track down the demon leader and to warn John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, and the Sons of Liberty that the British army is not their only threat. The patriots will need to engage with two enemy forces on the battlefield. As it stands, the band of angels is road weary and struggling with infighting and earthly temptations. Is faith a strong enough shield to fight off demon attacks and protect the patriots?

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