BOOK REVIEW, Finders Keepers by Stephen King

finderskeepsFinders Keepers, Stephen King’s continuing saga of the unlikely detective trio we were introduced to in his previous novel Mr. Mercedes, is typical of King’s strong character building and fast-paced plot that pulls the characters together to neatly wrap up the climax. Delightfully, we are left with a teaser, when one of the detectives, Bill Hodges, visits the villain we were introduced to in Mr. Mercedes, Brady Hartsfield, in a brain trauma center. Some of the characteristics King described pertaining to teenagers were out of date for the year 2015, such as a thirteen-year-old girl carrying a picture in her wallet or a sixteen-year-old boy thinking a man had soap opera villain’s hair. However, as a Constant Reader, I was able to get past those flaws and understand King’s message that literature can change a heart.

I’ve been reading Stephen King since 1978. The first book I read was Salem’s Lot. It scared me enough to make sure the curtains were closed over all the windows in my house. From that time on, horror became one of my favorite genres, and thus I passed that fondness on to my own writing.

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